Daily Roundup: Bike to Work Day tomorrow, Whistler Saturday, Washington State No. 1, Lance “philosophical”

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Bike to Work Day is tomorrow! Looking outside this a.m. ain’t too promising, but the forecast is still calling for sunshine and 68 degrees. Quick check if you haven’t done so already: Test ride the bike today, lubing chain and other parts if needed and getting the tires up to pressure. Find someone to ride with, if not today then when you head out tomorrow. Riders are always happy to hook up, and there’s safety in numbers. Don’t worry about flats: Take a spare tube along and someone will help out if you run into trouble changing the tire. Have fun! Especially if the weather is good, it’s gonna be a circus out there!

And Whistler opens on Saturday! Yikes, can they really have all the snow cleared? This has been one ugly freezin’ pain in the butt Spring so far… PinkBike has details on Opening Day festivities.

Bike Rumor: How to get that non-cyclist in your life onto a bike.

Bicycle Retailer: Bike industry gets 2-year extension on lead limits. I have mixed feelings on this one. As an environmentally healthy and healthful activity, cycling should be aggressively setting the pace on eco- and “green” standards. I know it’s tough financially to turn an entire industry around, but let’s hope this extension is it and the Powers That Be move forward asap on reducing lead exposure.

Biking Bis: Washington State is No. 1 in League of American Bicyclists ranking of bicycle friendly states — for second year in row!

Velo News: Lance “philosophical” about Giro chances after being dropped yesterday.


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