Daily Roundup: Anti-“dooring” law in WI, Bike industry booming, Happy Bike Month!

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The last-minute bike legislation keeps rolling in: Wisconsin passed a “dooring” law that will aid cyclists by clarifying lack of liability in a dooring incident and enabling cyclists to press for damages in court. Washington has a law governing dooring, albeit not explicitly in cycling cases. Good discussion on the Cascade Bicycle Club board, thanks to Rob Brown.

The $6 billion bike industry continues to defy gravity, at least in the aggregate (some shops and manufacturers are suffering more than others). We wrote about the buoyancy locally, but numbers are up across the board for similar reasons we found cited by local shops. Good news on the eve of Bike Month, beginning today! And the weather is supposed to cooperate spectacularly! Get out ‘n Ride fast/Live slow!


Trail etiquette says to yield to all foot traffic…

Today's Ride: Tiger Mountain RR


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