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New Evils galore at Fluidride in Seattle
New Evils galore at Fluidride in Seattle

A bevy of new Evil Revolts came in yesterday at Fluidride’s shop on south Lake Union. The shop is putting in a white-on-black showroom to highlight the new frames with the revolutionary pivot design from Dave Weagle of DW-link fame. Here’s a closeup (note the logo detail at the bottom bracket).

Evil is as Evil does
Evil is as Evil does

There’s tons of buzz about the Seattle-based company’s new bike, which Jerry Knight predicts will “just kill on the circuit this year.” The big kickoff is this weekend in Port Angeles — reminder that the Hood Canal Bridge will close on Friday. Lots of folks going over Thursday to beat the closure. Otherwise the plan is to drive around through Gig Harbor.

Evil pro Steve Smith is expected to ride at Port Angeles, joining 50-plus other pros from around the world. This is the biggest race in years in Washington, head on over and cheer ’em on!


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