Tuesday Morning Roundup: Booby Trapping, Cyclist Mugged, Rudy Project, New HID Light Reviewed

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Bad stuff happens: “TASMANIA Police are investigating an incident where a female mountain bike rider received injuries after hitting a wire that had been deliberately strung between two trees.” There was a similar incident in Marin last year. The local newspaper picked up on it, and it became a rallying point for mountain biking trail access. Stuff like this really backfires on the perpetrators.

NWCN: “Some bicyclists think it’s time to arm themselves and fight back after a brazen attack on one of their own.” Another proposal: Take photos! Of anyone looking suspicious. And ride in pairs, or wait to ride that section till others come through. More on the Cascade Bicycle Club forum.

Bicycle Retailer: “Rudy Project will launch the “Rudy Project Gear Deal” this month. The innovative promotion will give dealers the opportunity to offer a $220 package that holds over $450 in value, making it an attractive deal for consumers in today’s economy.” I wear prescription glasses and love the Rudy Project flip-ups (my cycling companion has the gradients that turn darker with more ambient light). Good stuff, very durable.

Mountain Biking by 198: Has detailed review of Jet Blast 1000 lumens HID bike light. $550. “Riders in front of me were actually laughing because this light was completely drowning out their HID’s.” Nice mounting system Robb!


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