Today's Ride: Going north!

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The mountain was out
The mountain was out
Went up north for variety, doing my standard Green Lake/Phinney to U District connector but then heading the long climb up 15th N.E. to Maple Leaf, site of the reservoir tank everyone can see from everywhere. The views on a chilly but sunny day were magnificent from this promontory, even if I-5 tends to get in the way.

One question I often get asked is, “Aren’t there too many hills in Seattle for cycling?” My response: There aren’t enough! Hills are the straw the stirs the drink, the journey to the destination. Now am I going to ride up Denny Way or Queen Anne Ave. N.? Not if I can avoid it (which is easily done). If you want to get up high in Seattle there are several ways to skin the cat. They do involve climbing, just less grade.

But riding hills keeps one healthy and fit, and provides a daily sense of challenge in a contemporary lifestyle that can easily become lazy, humdrum and uninspired. I sum up my attitude this way: If the world were flat, I wouldn’t ride a bicycle!


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  1. Hey Maarten, you jingoist! You’re too young to remember Joop Zoetemelk but that man could climb! Bjarne wasn’t too shabby either, and props for fessing to the doping. If they all did, esp. Lance, we could move on and close the door on that chapter.

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