Today's Ride: AIG t's — git 'em while they're hot!

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Today I had errands that took me up north to the Greenwood District. While cruising through I saw a wonderment in the window of a local store on Greenwood Ave. N. just north of N. 85th St.

Now who would want one of THESE?
Now who would want one of THESE?

The shop turned out to be a Mexican grocery market and restaurant called La Conasupo.

Bueno paraphernalia...
Bueno paraphernalia...

The shirt from what I could tell was a soccer shirt. Soccer’s big in Mexico, of course, but the team looks to come from England — or did before the Big Meltdown.

So yeah, maybe the shirt is a collectors item.

I’ll pass.

And I did, on my way up to 95th and over to Aurora, then onward to Northgate. Always a joy riding a bike to a shopping mall. You can park right outside the store you want, and be off in a flash.

It was a pleasant day, warmer than in recent weeks. Spring may be on the way after all!

We’ll keep ya posted!


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