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March 2009

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Pi Electric: Um, er...

Pi Electric: Um, er…

Bike Rumor: “Pi Electric Bicycle Has Style and Substance.” I can see the substance fine…the style I’m not so sure about. But hey, I’d give it a whirl. If it was designed with San Francisco hills in mind, Seattle’s a piece o’ cake!

Today's Ride: It's Cold Out There Baby!

Took the long way around my standard loop today, going along the Burke-Gilman to University Village, where I dropped in for a look at the Apple Store’s new Macs, then continuing to N.E. 65th Street for the up-and-down-and-up etc. slog back home. The exercise kept me warm but sheesh, we’re only a week and a […]

Bike Expo Expects to Pack 'em In

Bike Expo Expects to Pack 'em In

The annual Seattle International Bike Expo returns to Magnuson Park next weekend at a pivotal juncture in cycling culture. Bicycle awareness and participation is booming. All you need do is check the city streets — there are more commuters and short-trip riders than ever (the latter category including people who may not have 9 to […]

An Amazing Mountain Biker Is Dead

An Amazing Mountain Biker Is Dead

We may never know what really happened in the case of Sam Brown, a daredevilish Dylanesque kid with an impish smile from Revelstoke B.C. who apparently hanged himself last week in a Spokane jail after being arrested on a marijuana charge. What we do know is that a guy who could ride like an angel […]

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