Morning Roundup: Seattle Seeks Comments, Racing Up, LA Bike Summit, Rider Down

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City of Seattle: “Comments needed for a safer Nickerson.” They’ll be putting in bike lanes on Nickerson, which can get a bit dicey heading out toward the Ballard Bridge. Open house tonight (Wed. March 4) at Seattle U. You can also add comments to the Web site queue.

Bike Rumor: “Racing up despite economy.” Sea Otter registration (April 9-12) is particularly strong.

BikePortland: Elly Blue is headed for the Los Angeles Bike Summit this weekend. The increase in bike commuting in the city of Angels apparently is outstripping the city surface streets’ capacity. Sound familiar?

Biking Bis: “A lifelong cyclist, advocate and bicycle shop owner is hospitalized with internal and spinal injuries in Winston-Salem. A motorist ran him down while he rode his recumbent bike home from work about a week ago.”


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