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4 responses to “Lance's Chances: Degreasing the hype”

  1. New York Times confirms doubts on Lance and Giro « Bike Intelligencer

    […] check on the hype surrounding Lance’s chances for the Giro. As we (and we alone) have been saying since Lance went down, Giro was a no-go. The Times, which earlier had merely reprinted the […]

  2. Lance’s Chances II: Exit head held high « Bike Intelligencer

    […] we’ve been saying since the accident, Lance’s chances of a triumphant Giro d’Italia and even Tour de […]

  3. Giro Wrap: Lance’s chances looking ahead « Bike Intelligencer

    […] our continuing role as hype degreaser, we have just three words: Ain’t gonna happen. But that doesn’t mean Lance won’t […]

  4. Daily Roundup: Blog “rest day,” Ragbrai off ‘n rolling, Morland is EVIL « Bike Intelligencer

    […] that Lance could get an 8th was pipe-dreaming from the get-go. Only we, as Lance’s unofficial hype degreaser, were willing to call it from the start: No Giro, no Tour, no […]

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