Dave Wiens on Bike Advocacy

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Dave Wiens, the former mountain bike racer who currently specializes in distance competition and kicked Lance Armstrong’s ass at last year’s grueling Leadville 100, weighs in on bike advocacy after the latest Outside magazine’s profile on him:

“The bottom line here in the Gunnison Valley today is that trail users, including our freeriding community, and our land managers at the BLM, the Forest Service and the Division of Wildlife, have established effective working relationships and maintain consistent and open dialogue. Do we always agree? Probably not. Have our local land managers made an effort to understand our disparate group of trail users? Absolutely. Have we as trail users been able to get our constituents to understand the perspective and the scope of what land managers must take into consideration while managing public lands? We’re working on it and making progress.”

The one and only...
The one and only...

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