Daily Roundup: Seattle’s Bike Friendly Biz, Ventana’s Sherwood Gibson, Riding the “Flats”

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Biking Bis has the scoop: “The Biking Bis headquarters neighboring city of Seattle had the most bicycle friendly companies — three, following by San Francisco, Portland and Madison, Wisconsin, with two each.” Children’s Hospital, Washington Bike Law/Anderton Law Office, and Avtech Corp. Ferndale’s Kona also got a nod…

Made to Order (MTO) Bikes: “Your company, and I hesitate to use the term “boutique,” but being a popular high-end brand that isn’t one of the big three, have truly maintained the “handbuilt in the USA” standard, do you face any challenges in keeping things American?” I’ve met Sherwood, and visited the Sacto–area shop, where I picked up my El Saltamontes Electric Super Dust XC frame. Way cool…

The man himself
The man himself

Bike magazine reviews the FlyPaper pedals. Crazy!

Apparently they do work
Apparently they do work


Bike Expo Expects to Pack 'em In

Riders Down: Two More Good People Are Gone


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