Daily Roundup: ‘lectric bikes in Japan, Cannondale recall, Tweet, Trail maintenance, Travel tales, Rider Down Update

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ElectricBike: “Japan Electric Bicycles Booming” Battery technology is leading the way, but the high price of fuel is pushing it along too. Top drivers: Delivery services and rental firms.

Cannondale is recalling road bikes lacking spoke protectors. Doesn’t seem like that big a deal but there you have it. The law’s the law…

Bicycle Times, whose visit to Seattle we chronicled in our review of Bike Expo, can be followed on Twitter now. So can its parent mag, Dirt Rag.

BikePortland: On Saturday, mountain bikers will fill Forest Park in Portland to do trail maintenance. I love linking to these stories and showing them to my Sierra Club and Washington Trails Assn. friends who complain about mountain bikers. Hey, we’re the good guys!

More OR: The state’s tourism agency, Travel Oregon, is looking for biking tales. Now you get to commit those epic adventures to print, exaggerations and all.

Rider Down Redux: Remember the Chattanooga cyclist whose saddlebags got hooked by a passing truck, dragging him underneath the truck to his death? Looks like there will be an investigation after all. Thanks to DrunkCyclist by way of Eastside Cyclist.


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