Daily Roundup: How many drunks? 3-feet-please moves ahead, Days of Dirt teaser

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Not Your Average Bike Messenger: “Joking around, I changed my Facebook status to “How Many Drunks Will I Run Over Today With My Bicycle?” I got some funny responses throughout the day while I was riding, including “not enough” “extra points if they are wearing orange,” and “be a human pinball machine.”

Biking Bis:”A Washington state bill that would give bicyclists 3 feet of clearance from passing motorists has passed the House by a 63 to 32 vote. The legislation has been passed along to the Senate, where it was transferred to the Transportation Committee.”

Two killer trailers out on “Days of Dirt,” due in April. YouTube is below. PinkBike has a different, higher res teaser. Worth the look!



Today's Ride: AIG t's — git 'em while they're hot!

Today's Ride: Trialsin at UW!


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