Daily Roundup: Finally an arrest! WA State Catch-22, Dying well (the best revenge), Visual inspiration

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Seattle Times: “Man rams Seattle police officer with car.” And guess what — the guy was actually arrested! I guess there are times when “no citation was issued” does not apply…

The government paradox: If you try to save the state money by commuting on your bike, you could have your state car taken away. Ah, the rational joys of bureaucratic machinery. (Thanks to Biking Bis for the link.)

Dying well is the best revenge: A 40-year-old guy departs this mortal coil while riding a mountain bike. A better way to go I cannot conceive.

Finally, I leave you with best wishes for a great weekend, and see you at Bike Expo, with this image of Jessica Alba in Paris. H.G. Wells (“When I see an adult on a bicycle, I do not despair for the future of the human race”) eat your heart out!

H.G. Wells would approve
H.G. Wells would approve


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