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4 responses to “Advertising That Works: Kelly Saunders Nature Valley”

  1. Danusia

    You are NOT watching Kelly Saunders but Russian born Luba Bocian LOL. See this website:
    click on Nature Valley (60) commercial link on a right side or check her resume. Yes, the advertising works LOL! Pretty face always sells products. As a mountain biker myself I do however wish that this commercial would not show wheel skidding hence it plays into anti-mountain biking crowd claiming that mtb damages trails.

  2. erskine

    Why do they think I want to see the food in her mouth? Why three shots emphasizing her mouth.

    Dr Freud, your snack-lady is here

  3. Daniel

    The first thing I noticed about this commercial was the pretty girl. The second was the bike skidding to a halt which is a “no-no” in the mountain bike world just as you are never to ride after it rains because both these things ruin the trail and you need a smooth trail to ride on.

  4. Paul Andrews

    Agreed on the skidding, and actually the girl featured isn’t a rider but a professional model, and her name isn’t Kelly Saunders, so the whole thing is pretty much a big come-on. That’s advert for ya! Why not get Jill Kintner to show some real riding…

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