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Today's Ride: Mountain bike commute downtown

I go just about everywhere in Seattle by bike, even in the rain. So for today’s downtown meeting I’ll be riding my trusty Titus titanium hardtail down Aurora, across the Aurora Bridge, then dropping to Dexter and making my way through the trecherous one-way maze of downtown Seattle.

Yes I ride Aurora (Hwy. 99) because there’s plenty of clearance, which is more important than any other factor in bike community. The more distance between you and traffic the better. Aurora has wide shoulders that separates bikes from traffic by a good six feet.

It’s a good workout (although riding to downtown is mostly downhill from my home near Green Lake!).

Why a mountain bike? Escape maneuvers. You can always hop a curb or cross a park or shortcut through the woods. You get fewer flats.

No you cannot ride as fast. The fat tires are slower, even the slick ones. But I’m no speed demon anyway, I can always use a tougher workout, and staying on the mountain bike lets me practice riding the trails (riding position, etc.).

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